Oregon Connections Excellence in Telecommunications
Awards & Recipients

Category #1: Excellence in Telecommunications Applications
Individual, organization or company that has developed and/or successfully implemented an innovative telecommunications application that demonstrates standard communications capabilities, scalable solutions to accommodate growth in demand, and/or adaptability to new applications and opportunities.

2022 Recipient: Oregon Hazards Lab (OHAZ), University of Oregon
2021 Recipient: Ashland Fiber Network
2017 Recipient: Shawn Irvine, City of Independence
2015 Recipient: Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI)
2012 Recipient: Oregon Health and Science University
2011 Recipient: LS Networks
2011 Recipient: Bend Broadband Vault
2009 Recipient: Don Westlight of Oregon Health & Science University and the
Oregon Health Network
2007 Recipient: Oregon Association of Hospital and Health Systems Research and
Education Foundation
2006 Recipient: Central Oregon Independent Practice Association
2005 Recipient: One-Economy Corporation
2004 Recipient: Telehealth Alliance of Oregon
2003 Recipient: Frank Miller, Oregon Trail Internet
2002 Recipient: Pioneer Library System (La Grande), Patricia Cutright
2001 Recipient: Tom Cook, Oregon Public Education Network

Category #2: Excellence in Telecommunications Projects and Regional/Local Strategies
Individual, organization or company that has developed innovative projects or strategies to provide better access, reliability and/or affordability to telecommunications services for underserved and rural regions.

2021 Recipient: Ziply Fiber
2021 Recipient: Jeff Rhoden
2021 Recipient: Oregon Internet Response
2021 Recipient: Blue Mountain Networks
2021 Recipient: Zayo
2019 Recipient: BendTel
2018 Recipient: Mid-Columbia Economic Development District
2018 Recipient: Dan Bubb, Gorge Networks
2018 Recipient: Eastern Oregon Net, Inc.
2016 Recipient: City of Eugene, EWEB, TAO, and LCOG
2016 Recipient: Innovate Oregon, Dayton School District, and Online NW
2015 Recipient: Sherman County
2014 Recipient: Hunter Communications
2014 Recipient: Lane County Area Public Agency Network
2014 Recipient: Chris Burns, Charter Communications
2013 Recipient: NetCity, Inc.
2013 Recipient: Steve Noel, SWIC, State of Oregon
2012 Recipient: David Crowe, Network for Education and Research in Oregon (NERO)
2012 Recipient: SandyNet, City of Sandy
2011 Recipient: Keith Grunberg, Charter Communications
2011 Recipient: John Irwin, J Irwin Community Informatics Consulting
2011 Recipient: Oregon Health Network
2010 Recipient: Oregon Municipal Audit Review Committee
2009 Recipient: Hunter Communications, Central Point, Oregon
2008 Recipients: City of Lebanon, Phillip Barker of Curry County, and Verizon
2007 Recipients: Keith Grunberg and Bradley Kuhnert, both of Charter Communications
2006 Recipient: John Stadter, ComSpanUSA
2005 Recipient: City of The Dalles/Q-Life Project
2004 Recipient: Century Tel
2003 Recipient: Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs
2002 Recipient: Ben Doty, NoaNet Oregon
2001 Recipient: Dave Sabala, Douglas Electric Cooperative

Category #3: Excellence in Telecommunications Partnerships
Individual, organization or company that has developed an innovative telecommunications partnership for the purpose of providing improved access, reliability and/or affordability for underserved and rural communities.

2022 Recipient: Tillamook County Creamery Association
2021 Recipient: Keith Grunberg
2021 Recipient: Douglas Fast Net and Hunter Communications
2021 Recipient: Link Oregon
2019 Recipient: Windwave
2018 Recipient: Digital Inclusion Network
2018 Recipient: Q-Life, City of Maupin, and LS Networks
2016 Recipient: Duke Dexter
2014 Recipient: MINET
2012 Recipient: Derek Abrams of Oregon State University and Sean McSpaden of State of Oregon
2012 Recipient: Warm Springs Telecom
2011 Recipient: Tamer Kirac
2010 Recipient: Rio Networks
2009 Recipient: Marsha Spellman and Adam Haas of Converge Communications
2008 Recipient: Michael Weidman of LS Networks
2006 Recipient: Greg Palser, CoastCom
2005 Recipient: Agnes Box, Oregon Institute of Technology; and Bob Hensley, Cal-Ore Telephone
Company for the Klamath Falls/OIT Open Access Hut project.
2004 Recipient: Rich Ryan, Hunter Communications
2003 Recipient: Ed Parker, ORTCC and CoastNet

Category #4: Excellence in Telecommunications Legislation or Policy
Individual or organization that has participated in writing and advocating for legislation that will have a significant impact on rural telecommunications. Legislator or elected representative that has effectively introduced or advocated for innovation in legislation or policy that has positively impacted access, reliability, and/or affordability of rural telecommunications services.

2022 Recipient: Oregon State Representative Nancy Nathanson
2021 Recipient: Ted Case
2019 Recipient: Oregon State Representative Pam Marsh
2017 Recipient: Governor Kate Brown
2015 Recipient: Senate Bill 144 Work Group
2013 Recipient: Oregon State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
2011 Recipient: Oregon State Representative Phil Barnhart
2007 Recipient: Telehealth Alliance of Oregon
2006 Recipient: Mary Beth Henry, City of Portland/Mt. Hood Regulatory Commission
2005 Recipient: Rob Myers, Tri-County Communications and the Oregon Telecommunications
Coordinating Council
2003 Recipient: Representative Laurie Monnes-Anderson, Gresham; and Alice Nelson, Pendleton
2001 Recipient: Senator David Nelson, Pendleton

Category #5: Outstanding Telecommunications Advocate
Individual that has made a significant contribution or gone beyond the call of duty to advocate for improved access, reliability and affordability of telecommunications.

2022 Recipient: Rachael Maddock-Hughes
2022 Recipient: Krystal Stone
2021 Recipient: InterMountain Education Service District Technology Services
2019 Recipient: John Huffman, State Director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture RUS
2017 Recipient: Matt Hiefield, Beaverton School District
2017 Recipient: Commissioner Ken Kestner, Lake County
2016 Recipient: Eric Rosenberry
2015 Recipient: Jeremy Pietzold, City of Sandy Council President
2013 Recipient: Eric Schmidt, Association of Oregon Counties
2012 Recipient: Rich Bader, EasyStreet Online Services
2011 Recipient: Bob Jenks, Citizens’ Utility Board of Oregon
2010 Recipient: Shay Dakan, Oregon State University
2010 Recipient: Milo Mecham, Lane Council of Governments
2009 Recipient: Ray Baum of the Public Utility Commission of Oregon
2008 Recipient: Pam Berrian of the City of Eugene
2007 Recipient: Jack Crider, President of Tillamook Lightwave
2006 Recipient: Onno Husing, Oregon Coast Zone Management Association
2005 Recipients: Link Shadley, ANKI Solutions and Chris Tamarin, Oregon Economic and
Community Development Department.
2004 Recipient: Shayne Maxwell, Southern Oregon EAS Region
2003 Recipients: John Irwin, ORTCC and SOTTC; and Ron Trullinger, Qwest
2002 Recipient: Cathy Britain, RodeoNet
2001 Recipient: Cindy Weeldreyer, Lane County Commissioner/ Fiber South Consortium Chair

Category #6: Edwin B. Parker Enduring Achievement Award
This award is presented to individuals whose contributions in telecommunications have been rendered with the greatest civility, who serve as a role model and mentor to many, and who have provided a lasting legacy influencing for years to come the course and future of telecommunications in Oregon.

2022 Recipient: Adam Haas
2021 Recipient: Brant Wolf
2019 Recipient: Don Patten
2018 Recipient: Joseph Franell
2018 Recipient: Todd Way
2017 Recipient: Jim Teece
2016 Recipient: Greg Palser
2016 Recipient: Richard Ryan
2015 Recipient: Milo Mecham
2015 Recipient: Chris Tamarin
2014 Recipient: Pam Berrian
2014 Recipient: John Irwin
2014 Recipient: Dave Sabala
2013 Recipient: Cathy Britain
2011 Recipient: Ray Baum
2011 Recipient: Keith A. Mobley
2010 Recipient: Amy Tykeson
2009 Recipient: Curt Pederson
2009 Recipient: Ginny Lang
2009 Recipient: State Senator David Nelson

Other Award Recipients:
2021 Lifetime Achievement Award: Christopher Tamarin
2015 20th Anniversary All-Stars Award: Mike Dewey
2015 20th Anniversary All-Stars Award: Steve Eldrige
2015 20th Anniversary All-Stars Award: David Olson
2009 Economic Development through Telecommunications: Chris Tamarin of the Oregon Business Development Department
2008 Lifetime Achievement Award: Agnes Box, Oregon Institute of Technology
2005 Enduring Achievement Award: Ben Doty, Telecommunications Advocate; Q-Life, CoastNet
2004 Enduring Achievement Award: Ed Parker, Parker Telecommunications and
Oregon Telecommunications Coordinating Council
2004 Enduring Achievement Award: Mike Johnson, Deschutes National Forest, COTel Chair and Founder
2004 Legislative Champion Award: Bill Penhollow, Association of Oregon Counties
2003 Lifetime Achievement Award: PUC Chair Joan Smith
2003 Lifetime Achievement Award: Terry Edvalson, Edvalson and Associates
2001 Excellence in Telecommunications Opportunities and Initiatives: Eric Alexander, Connecting
Oregon Communities Board/ St. Charles Medical Center (Bend)


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