2019 Keynote Speakers

Jean Rice and Trever Yarrish
Jean Rice, 2019 keynote speaker

Jean Rice

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Jean Rice is a telecommunications expert and advisor who works with federal agencies, tribal, local and state governments, industry, universities and non-profits on smart cities and communities projects and provides technical assistance to support the widespread deployment of broadband infrastructure.

Ms. Rice focuses on the development of cutting-edge, cross-sector smart cities and broadband projects and collaborations and leads NTIA's partnership with the National Institute of Technology and Standards' Global Cities Team Challenge program. She focuses on smart agriculture and rural, smart buildings, wireless, smart states, inclusion and smart regions.

Jean Rice is a member of the Networking and Information Technology and Research and Development Program's Cyber-Physical System's Interagency Working group and the Federal Smart Grid Task Force and had been a member of the prior NITRD Federal Smart Cities and Communities Task Force.

Ms. Rice co-founded and coordinates the Smart Cities and Communities Leadership Forum hosted by NTIA, NIST, NSF, and DHS S&T. Ms. Rice has received several awards including an award from the Commerce Department for leadership in smart cities. She has developed numerous publications, including a number of Toolkits for NTIA, including "Powering a Smart City Through Partnerships; a Toolkit for Local and Tribal governments".

For 25 years, Ms. Rice was the CEO of a telecommunications consulting company for US cities and states. NTIA is responsible for advising the President on Telecommunications and Information Administration policy issues. NITA's programs and policy making focus on expanding broadband internet access and adoption in the US, expanding the use of spectrum by all users, and ensuring that the Internet remains and engine for continued innovation and economic growth.
Trever Yarrish, 2019 keynote speaker

Trever Yarrish

CEO and Founding Partner, ZEAL

Trever is Chief Experience Officer and Founding Partner of ZEAL, a southern Oregon company empowering innovators to deliver the future of Web + Mobile Apps https://codingzeal.com/. He is responsible for the creative and marketing aspects of ZEAL, an agile web and mobile application consultancy. ZEAL is a leading expert in Agile development, pair-programming and "lean" methodologies. I develop the brand and am the lead UI/UX developer for the company.

Trever's drive and passion for creating amazing experiences for other people has led him on some incredible adventures: from performing for people on stage to starring in a film; from serving coffee as a barista to becoming the marketing director of Dutch Bros. Coffee; from marketing director to co-founder of the marketing company Define Your Edge; from being a childhood programmer with a passion for design to co-founding Zeal.

On any given day you may find Trever designing an app, teaching a design process, helping someone troubleshoot CSS, building a Kinex roller coaster with his two sons, or sneaking off with his wife for a date night. If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by the ZEAL HQ and let Trever serve you an amazing cup of coffee...and help you craft your product.