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Angela Siefer

Angela Siefer

Digital Inclusion Expert

Angela Siefer is the executive director of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance. Angela has been working in the field we now call digital inclusion since 1997. From physically setting up computer labs in underserved areas and managing local digital inclusion programs to consulting for the US Department of Commerce and testifying before Congress, Angela develops national strategies and solutions from the ground up.

In 2015, Angela helped found the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, a unified voice for home broadband access, public broadband access, personal devices, and local technology training and support programs. Angela serves on the Board of Directors of the Schools, Health, & Libraries Broadband Coalition.

Government Technology Magazine named Angela one of their Top 25 Doers, Dreams, and Drivers of 2019, and in 2021, the UCC Media Justice Ministry awarded her the Parker Award.

Russ Elliott

Russ Elliot

CEO, Siskiyou Telephone Company

Russ Elliott is the Chief Executive Officer of Siskiyou Telephone Company, an independent telecommunications company serving Western Siskiyou County California since 1896.

Russ served as the first Director of the Washington State Broadband Office in the State’s Department of Commerce. The Broadband Office was established by the Legislature to develop and improve affordable, quality broadband throughout Washington state to drive job creation, promote innovation, improve economic vitality, and expand markets for Washington businesses. Russ led the work to achieve goals including serving the growing needs of Washington’s education, health care and public safety systems; industries and business; governmental operations and residents, and to improve broadband access for unserved communities and populations.

Russ also served as Broadband Manager for the State of Wyoming and developed Wyoming’s Broadband Plan, facilitated broadband mapping, implemented a broadband infrastructure grant program, and helped guide legislation aimed at expanding coverage throughout Wyoming.

Before his work in the public sector, Russ spent 11 years working to connect rural communities to quality, affordable internet while serving as President of Brainstorm Internet. Concurrently, he served on the Colorado Innovation Council and Colorado’s Public Utility Commission Telecom Advisory Group and chaired the telecommunications committee for Club 20 of Western Colorado for seven years.

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