2024 Exhibitor Information

How To Become an Exhibitor

What You Get:

  • One six foot table with cloth and drape
  • Electrical access
  • WiFi Internet access
  • One complimentary conference registration


  • $750 for private company or business
  • $650 for private non-profit or public benefit organization
Remember exhibit space is limited so apply soon. We sold out last year. 

Exhibitors Should Submit

Complete the online Exhibitor Registration Form and pay online using a credit card or mail in a check by September 9, 2024

Exhibitor Guest Rooms

Please book your rooms using the website or by calling the reservations department directly at 855-420-8206.

There are several suites available with kitchenettes and meeting tables.  Call and ask about Lodge Village Suites.

Be sure to reserve your resort rooms today for a special discounted conference rate before they sell out.

Reserve today at Sunriver Resort - Reservations - Oregon Connections Telecommunications

If you or your company want to book a home/condo please do so through Sunriver Resort’s website or by calling the reservations department directly at 855-420-8206.

Please let them know you're attending the Oregon Connections conference so that we get credit for the room booking.

Exhibitor shipping and storage information:

From our contract:

Sunriver Resort has reserved for the group exhibit space capable of holding 30 tabletop exhibits. This exhibit area will be available for setup at 3:00 PM on October 30, 2024.
Exhibit show days will be October 31, 2024 – November 1, 2024. All exhibits, materials and decoration equipment must be dismantled and removed from the exhibit area by 3:00 PM on November 1, 2024.

Exhibit rates include:

  • One (1) skirted and draped 6-foot table
  • One (1) chair
  • Access to power
  • Wireless Internet accessExhibit rates do not include:
  • Power cables/Wired Internet run to individual exhibit booths
  • Exhibit storage
  • Placement or storage of crates or display-related equipment
  • Decoration or carpeting of any type
  • Labor charges for carpenters, electricians, drapery men, guard services, etc.
  • Special lighting
  • Security services
  • Labor required to install, erect, drape or decorate exhibit booths or the exhibit area
  • Any other associated services and costs other than those outlined above

If Exhibitors require Pipe and Drape and/or power, AVMS would be pleased to submit a bid that can be posted to your master account. If an outside supplier other than AVMS or Sunriver Resort is chosen by the group to supply Pipe and Drape a rental fee may apply.


Fees will be assessed for displays and materials that require additional storage and handling and retrieval for packages shipped to wrong address. Shipments missing required information and labeled incorrectly may be returned/refused. Due to the layout of Sunriver Resort, we are unable to store display material and/or show merchandise. All related equipment, crates, etc. may not arrive on-premises more than 24 hours prior to set up date and must be removed from the premises and returned no later than the last day of the exhibit show. Sunriver Resort does not take responsibility for returned/refused items. Adhering to the following labeling examples will help ensure the safe arrival of packages.


UPS, FedEx or Trucking Companies: Great Hall Complex/Sunriver Resort 57081 Meadow Road
Sunriver, OR 97707

Include on label:

Conference Name/Dates: Hold For:
Box # of #:

US Postal Service:

Guest Name
Conference Name / Dates Sunriver Resort P.O. Box 3609
Sunriver, OR 97707

Amazon Orders: Sunriver Resort PO BOX 3609 ATTN GUEST NAME
17600 Center Dr
Sunriver, Or 97707-0609

**In Delivery Instructions: "Please deliver directly to the reception desk at 17600 Center Drive"

Note: Sunriver Resort does not have a loading dock, pallet jack, or pallet wrapping supplies. All supplies must be provided by the shipper or shipping company and be prepared for pickup by the shipper. Sunriver Resort does not have storage space for a full pallet. All pallets must be broken down in order to be stored upon arrival.